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Assignment (march 13-17)

Monday – Destination B2 – Unit 12 Learn the words and their definitions (Topic Vocabulary in Contrast); Do exercises A and B (page 73).

Monday – 504 Absolutely Essential Words – Unit 27

A. Each of the words i bold is in the wrong sentence. Write the correct word on the line.

  1. All twelve members of the witness were convinced of Davidson’s guilt. (jury)
  2. I don’t think I’d ever break a serious crime.( commited)
  3. If the school laws aren’t written down anywhere, how are we supposed to know what they are? (rules)
  4. A psychiatrist was called as an expert judge during the trial. ( witness)
  5. If a parent smacks a child, that’s an example of commit punishment.(corporal)
  6. Everyone should have the jury to a fair trial. (right)
  7. If u sentenced the law, you deserve to be punished! (break)
  8. Governments must be allowed to intruduse, change and scrap bystanders. (rules)
  9. Can you imagine what it’s like being justice for years in a cell. (imprisoned)
  10. It’s very important that capital is seen to be done. ( justice)
  11. Another phrase for ‘right punishment’ is ‘the death sentence’. (capital)
  12. The spy was imprisoned to life imprisonment. ( sentenced)
  13. A number of rules watched the robbers speed off in a gateway car. (bystenders)
  14. ‘Silence in court!’ shouted the corporal angrily. (judge)

Assignment (march 6-10)

New English File: 1. Look at the painting on page 118 (slide 128) and in 200 – 250 words describe it in detail, focusing especially on the people and their body language. Say who you think they are and what you think they are doing.

Again i see this place more like a hospital then a hotel lobby, maybe it’s just because of the colors and the cold tones, it all reminds me of an hospital lobby. The women in red looks very rich to me and the men next to her looks like her bodygoard, who is holding her coat. The women chats with him while waiting for the clerical staff to come back and discharge her or something like that. Well, the women with blond hair, looks like she’s living alone, no husband, no kids, but she has a great job, is stable and can take care of her self really well. Shes sitting on one of the armchairs, reading a book and waiting for her appointment. And i must add that she’s wearing a blue dress (or shirt) and blue simbolizes serenity, stability, or wisdom.

2. Do File 4 on page 157 (slide 167) paying attention to the phrasal verbs.


Complete the phrasal verbs from File 4 with the correct particle.

Down off(2x) on out

  1. If there’s an emergency, all passengers must get out of the plane as fast as they can.
  2. It was an eight-hour journey so we set off early in the morning.
  3. Jessica was getting really angry with Tom so i told her to calm down.
  4. Hold on to me. It’s ver slippery and you might fall.
  5. The teacher told me off because i hadn’t done my homework.


d Read the whole article and i pairs, mark the sentences true (T) or false (F).

  • Elia Zedeño’s first instinct was to run. F
  • If her colleague hadn’t shouted she might not have reacted how she did. T
  • She took her time to leave because she didn’t know where the exit was. F
  • Some people who died in the WTC could have survived. T
  • The 1977 Tenerife air crash happened in bad weather conditions. T
  • The Pan Am passengers had plenty of time to escape. F
  • Heck always worried about haw he would be able to escape from places. T
  • People don’t read safety information because they aren’t worried about crashing . T

e Look at the highlighted words related to disaster. In pairs, try to work out the meaning from the context of the ones you didn’t know.

f What survival tips have you learned from this article? which were the best options in questions 2 and 3 in a.

A New Year, A New Start

The new year is near and i still haven’t processed 2022. This year was very stressful, didn’t had the motivation to do anything and as the new year starts, i must make some changes. I need to work harder ( i don’t think i will do that though), higher my marks (of course Eliza), start being healthy and say goodbye to my old habits, like staying at home all day doing nothing, playing video games, read fanfics (shhhh, don’t let my mom see this).

Match the titles with the paragraphs.

1. Perfect for a quiet holiday

2. Land of nature wonders

3. Bad for animals

4. A visit to the zoo

5. Perfect for an active holiday

6. Difficult start

7. New perspectives

8. New rules to follow

A. The mountains of Scotland (we call them the Highlands) are a wild and beautiful part of Europe. A golden eagle flies over the mountains. A deer walks through the silence of the forest. Salmon and trout swim in the clean, pure water of the rivers. Some say that not only fish swim in the deep water of Loch Ness. Speak to the people living by the Loch. Each person has a story of the monster, and some have photographs. 2

B. Tresco is a beautiful island with no cars, crowds or noise — just flowers, birds, long sandy beaches and the Tresco Abbey Garden. John and Wendy Pyatt welcome you to the Island Hotel, famous for delicious food, comfort and brilliant service. You will appreciate superb accommodation, free saunas and the indoor swimming pool. 1

C. The Camel and Wildlife Safari is a unique mixture of traditional and modern. Kenya’s countryside suits the Safari purposes exceptionally well. Tourists will have a chance to explore the bush country near Samburu, to travel on a camelback or to sleep out under the stars. Modern safari vehicles are always available for those who prefer comfort.5

D. Arrival can be the hardest part of a trip. It is late, you are road-weary, and everything is new and strange. You need an affordable place to sleep, something to eat and drink, and probably a way to get around. But in general, it’s a wonderful trip, full of wonderful and unusual places. Whether it is the first stop on a trip or the fifth city visited, every traveler feels a little overwhelmed stepping onto a new street in a new city. 6

E. No zoo has enough money to provide basic habitats or environments for all the species they keep. Most animals are put in a totally artificial environment, isolated from everything they would meet in their natural habitat. Many will agree that this isolation is harmful to most of the zoo inhabitants, it can even amount to cruelty. 3

F. A new London Zoo Project is a ten-year project to secure the future for the Zoo and for many endangered animals. The plan has been devised by both animal and business experts to provide world-leading accommodation for all our animals, to more fully engage and inform people about conservation issues, to redesign certain aspects of Zoo layout. 4

G. Leave-no-trace camping is an increasingly popular approach to travel in wilderness areas. As the term suggests, the goal is for the camper to leave as little impact as possible on the place he is visiting. One of its mottos is “Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints.” Its simplest and most fundamental rule is: pack it in, pack it out, but it goes beyond that. 8
II. Insert the sentences given below into the spaces A – F

Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard is the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police in London. To most people, its name immediately brings to mind the picture of a detective — cool, efficient, ready to track down any criminal, or a helmeted police constable — A that familiar figure of the London scene and trusty helper of every traveler from overseas.

Scotland Yard is situated on the Thames Embankment close to the Houses of Parliament and the familiar clock tower of Big Ben, and its jurisdiction extends over 740 square miles with the exception of the ancient City of London, B which possesses its own separate police force.

One of the most successful developments in Scotland Yard’s crime detection and emergency service has been the “999 system”. On receipt of a call the 999 Room operator ascertains by electronic device the position of the nearest available police car, C that this policeman will bring the criminal to justice. Almost instantly a message is also sent by teleprinter to the police station concerned so that within seconds of a call for assistance being received, a police car is on its way to the scene. An old-established section of the Metropolitan police is the Mounted Branch, with its strength of about 200 horses stabled at strategic points. These horses are particularly suited to ceremonial occasions, D for they are accustomed to military bands.

An interesting branch of Scotland Yard is the branch of Police Dogs, first used as an experiment in 1939. Now these dogs are an important part of the Force. One dog, for example, can search a warehouse in ten minutes, E whereas the same search would take six men an hour 

There is also the River Police, or Thames Division, which deals with all crimes occurring within its river boundaries.

There are two other departments of Scotland Yard – the Witness Room (known as the Rogues’ Gallery) where a photographic record of known and suspected criminals is kept, and the Museum, F which contains murder relics and forgery exhibits.

1. which is contacted by radio

2. that familiar figure of the London scene

3. for they are accustomed to military bands

4. which possesses its own separate police force

5. which contains murder relics and forgery exhibits

6. that this policeman will bring the criminal to justice

7. whereas the same search would take six men an hour

Speed dating

i had no idea what was speed dating until our discuss over that topic? Well, now that i know what it is, i must say that sounds kinda foolish, sitting and talking with someone, only for like 3 minutes. For me, three minute is not enough to get to know the person and “fall in love”… a waste of time. Im not really interested in dating and romantic relationships so… maybe i would give it a shot, just for fun. If i were looking for a partner there, most importantly i would want to know their music taste, because i think i get along pretty well with those who have the same music taste as me. Second, i would like to know their hobby, interest, favorite food and third… maybe their personality?


504 Absolutely Essential Words – Unit 20; Learn the words and their definitions. Do the exercises. Make up your own stories using the new words of Unit 16.

  1. emerge-come out; come up; come into view
  2. jagged-with sharp points sticking out; unevenly cut or torn
  3. linger-stay on;go slowly as if unwilling to leave
  4. ambush-a trap in which soldiers or other enemies hide to make a surprise attack
  5. crafty-skillful in deceiving others; sly; tricky
  6. defiant- openly resisting; challenging
  7. vigor-active strength or force
  8. perish-be destroyed; die
  9. fragile- easily broken, damaged,or destroyed;delicate

Place one of the new words in each of the blanks below.

  1. if we do not do something about pollution, we may perish from this earth.
  2. The jagged edge of that sheet of metal is very dangerous.
  3. We were held captive by the sinister enemy for ten years
  4. The bank teller’s crafty plan to steal a million dollars didn’t succeed.
  5. I like to linger on until everyone else has left the theater.
  6. My parents taught me not to be defiant of authority.
  7. Did the ambush of the Lebanese soldiers fail?
  8. Business persons can prosper if they are honest with their customers.
  9. A new star has just emerged from the rock music world.
  10. I can devour a steak in two minutes when i am hungry.
  11. With a surprising show of vigor, the old woman swam up and down the pool six times!
  12. A lack of calcium in Tyrone’s dies caused his bones to be quite fragile.

Circle the word that most nearly expresses the opposite meaning of the word printed in blue.

  1. go back
  2. free to leave
  3. openly attack
  4. sturdy
  5. leave untouched
  6. smooth edged
  7. willing to obey
  8. leave quickly
  9. lack of strength
  10. honest
  11. be unsuccessful
  12. live

What am i looking forward to most this year…

  • improving my grades, knowledge

So I chose the subjects I am more interested in and once again try to follow my dream of becoming an astronomer. I always wanted to become an astronomer, until i decided that i should improve my drawing skills and become a designer, well that was a big mistake.

  • Taking care of myself, my mental health.
  • Read more books. Every year. Every year i made a list of books to read but didn’t feel like it .
  • looking forward to more activity

interactive . Ive always been…shy? No, not shy, i just didn’t want to interact with people and i still don’t. Well because of being like that, not everyone socialized with me and I never had the courage of making friends. Well i don’t thing i changed. Im still scared to socialize with people, scared from saying something wrong and making things awkward, so I ignore people to never end up in those situations.

Outdoor. This two years I’ve been very tired and all i did was playing games ( its not like i wanted doing it, i just had nothing to do) but ill try to spend more time outside, especially where there are not many people.