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take a look at the most popular idioms and common idioms in the English language and what they mean. Choose one of the idioms, which you like a

1. The homework was a piece of cake.

2.-I think I can’t to dance on stage

-break a leg Ann, I know you’re the best dancer.

4.-The homework is very hard. I can’t do that.

-No pain no gain!

5.-When she’s gonna to cut the fruit?

-When pigs fly…

6.-Where is your book?


-cat got your tongue?!

7.All people looking at me, I got butterflies in my stomach

8.-how are you.

-I’m felling under the weather.

Tasks for distance learning:March 16-20


Choose any historical event, in which mobile phones could change something. Use unreal condition in the story

There is debate about the historical accuracy of Philippides legend.The Greek historian Herodotus, the main source for the Greco-Persian Wars, mentions Philippides as the messenger who ran from Athens to Sparta asking for help, and then ran back, a distance of over 240 km each way.

If he had mobile phone he would call asking for help .

Task 2

What is Climate change for you?

Climate change occurs when long-term weather patterns are altered — for example, through human activity. Global warming is one measure of climate change, and is a rise in the average global temperature. Climate changing is widely recognized as the most urgent problem facing humanity. For me climate change is the weather ,temperature changing,atmospheric pressure,rainfall,air currents from different countries or seas,lakes and so on.

How do we know the Climate is changing?

We know the Climate is changing by news with TV or internet.😂

Homework Ex 11 b

1.A:Jimmy?I’ve got a problem with my computer here at home.Can you come over and have a look at it?
B:Sorry not right now I’m in the middle my homework!
2.A:The teacher had a very small accident with his car this morning on the way to school.
B:Really?No wonder he was so unhappy in the lesson this morning.
3.A:At my dad’s office ,they don’t have to wear suits and ties on Fridays any more.
B:It’s not a bad idea .On hot day, a suit and tie is the kind of think that no-one wants to wear!
4.A:You know,Mike,I’m thinking about getting a tattoos.What do you reckon?
B:Well,that’s cool,I like tattoos.But Andy-you’re not supposed to get a tattoo without your parent’s permission ,Ok?