Hometask for 10.05 

Write an essay ‘Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People are never satisfied with what they have; they always want something more or something different. Use specific reasons to support your answer’.

I do agree with that statement, there are many people who are never satisfied with what they have until you lose and yea we need to appreciate what we have. People have to know that there are others who do not have what they have (does it make sense?).

Hometask for 16.05-20.05 

Ընտրել որևէ ճամփորդություն և ներկայացնել պատումի տեսքով

On January 14, at 9 o’clock, we moved from the church to Arates. We arrived a little late because we were standing to buy things we needed. When we arrived, we had to walk because of the ice and snow. At about five o’clock we got there, settled down and went to eat. On the second day, we read and discussed Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s “Prayer”. The snow was very, very beautiful.I loved the dogs there very much, I played with them for a long time. We woke up in the morning, had breakfast և gathered because և we had to go back already. This is not the first time I have been to Arates in winter. I’ll go there again but next time… maybe not in winter.

A Service of Love.

by O. Henry

this story’s main character is Joe who was an aspiring artist. When he was 6 y/o, his first painting was hung at the drug store. Now, at age 20, he is headed to New York to study art, where he meets someone named Delia.They fall in love and are married soon after. Joe enrolls in an expensive class with a famous Magister, and Delia studies under Rosenstock. Everything seemed to be fine until the savings starts to run out. They both were ready to sacrifice their goals for their partner. 

i think this story is a great example of how love drives two people to sacrifice their ambitions for the sake of each other. Art is what brought Joe and Delia together in the first place when they fell in love. They loved each other’s passion for art. They both wanted each other to achieve the individual goals they had set for themselves.

Hometask for 07.04

Write an essay ”Schools should ask students to evaluate their teachers. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer”.

In my opinion that idea is pretty good, it gives benefits and to school and to teachers.

i think teachers will have the opportunity to know if their students understand them or find classes boring,that will help teachers to improve their knowledge and experience. And quality of education will increase, students will find the subjects(?) interesting and attend to classes to listen to the lecture, due to which school will be better funded and more appreciated in the community.

exercise 222

  1. The pupils have written a dictation.
  2. My friend has helped me to solve a difficult problem.
  3. I have learnt a poem.
  4. She has told them an interesting story.
  5. Kate has swept the floor.
  6. The waiter has put a bottle of lemonade in front of him.
  7. I have eaten my breakfast.
  8. we have drunk water
  9. He has brought them some meat and vegetables.
  10. You have put the dishes on the table.
  11. They had tea.
  12. She has taken the dirty plates from the table.
  13. The children have put on their coats.
  14. Susan has made a new dress for her birthday party.
  15. She has opened box of chocolates.
  16. I have bought milk for milk shakes.
  17. James has ordered a bottle of apple
  18. We have bought a CD player and some CDs with good music.
  19. Have you watched the news or favourite film
  20. I have translated a difficult from German into Russia
  21. She has told the truth.
  22. The baby has learnt to walk.

Exercise 483

  1. I wish I could give up smoking.
  2. She wishes she had seen him at yesterday’s party.
  3. I wish I had passed my driving test last Monday.
  4. I wish i hadn’t forgotten my friend’s birthday yesterday
  5. The boy is sad. He wishes he hadn’t broken the window.
  6. My aunt wishes she had stayed at home last weekend.
  7. He wishes he knew something about cars.
  8. I wish it were sunny.
  9. I wish it had been sunny during our picnic last Saturday.
  10. She wishes she lived in the Crimea.
  11. My friend wishes he hadn’t done that last night.
  12. I wish i had brought my camera last summer.
  13. I wish I could tell the future.
  14. Do you wish you were in the Guinness Book of Records.
  15. Some people wish they could appear on TV game show and become famous.
  16. She often wishes things were different.


  1. past simple— present, future I wish i had a car.
  2. past perfect—past I wish i had done my homework.
  3. would—future~annoying actions I wish he wouldn’t eat so much.
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