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What am i looking forward to most this year…

  • improving my grades, knowledge

So I chose the subjects I am more interested in and once again try to follow my dream of becoming an astronomer. I always wanted to become an astronomer, until i decided that i should improve my drawing skills and become a designer, well that was a big mistake.

  • Taking care of myself, my mental health.
  • Read more books. Every year. Every year i made a list of books to read but didn’t feel like it .
  • looking forward to more activity

interactive . Ive always been…shy? No, not shy, i just didn’t want to interact with people and i still don’t. Well because of being like that, not everyone socialized with me and I never had the courage of making friends. Well i don’t thing i changed. Im still scared to socialize with people, scared from saying something wrong and making things awkward, so I ignore people to never end up in those situations.

Outdoor. This two years I’ve been very tired and all i did was playing games ( its not like i wanted doing it, i just had nothing to do) but ill try to spend more time outside, especially where there are not many people.


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