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Assignment (march 13-17)

Monday – Destination B2 – Unit 12 Learn the words and their definitions (Topic Vocabulary in Contrast); Do exercises A and B (page 73).

Monday – 504 Absolutely Essential Words – Unit 27

A. Each of the words i bold is in the wrong sentence. Write the correct word on the line.

  1. All twelve members of the witness were convinced of Davidson’s guilt. (jury)
  2. I don’t think I’d ever break a serious crime.( commited)
  3. If the school laws aren’t written down anywhere, how are we supposed to know what they are? (rules)
  4. A psychiatrist was called as an expert judge during the trial. ( witness)
  5. If a parent smacks a child, that’s an example of commit punishment.(corporal)
  6. Everyone should have the jury to a fair trial. (right)
  7. If u sentenced the law, you deserve to be punished! (break)
  8. Governments must be allowed to intruduse, change and scrap bystanders. (rules)
  9. Can you imagine what it’s like being justice for years in a cell. (imprisoned)
  10. It’s very important that capital is seen to be done. ( justice)
  11. Another phrase for ‘right punishment’ is ‘the death sentence’. (capital)
  12. The spy was imprisoned to life imprisonment. ( sentenced)
  13. A number of rules watched the robbers speed off in a gateway car. (bystenders)
  14. ‘Silence in court!’ shouted the corporal angrily. (judge)