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Assignment (march 6-10)

New English File: 1. Look at the painting on page 118 (slide 128) and in 200 – 250 words describe it in detail, focusing especially on the people and their body language. Say who you think they are and what you think they are doing.

Again i see this place more like a hospital then a hotel lobby, maybe it’s just because of the colors and the cold tones, it all reminds me of an hospital lobby. The women in red looks very rich to me and the men next to her looks like her bodygoard, who is holding her coat. The women chats with him while waiting for the clerical staff to come back and discharge her or something like that. Well, the women with blond hair, looks like she’s living alone, no husband, no kids, but she has a great job, is stable and can take care of her self really well. Shes sitting on one of the armchairs, reading a book and waiting for her appointment. And i must add that she’s wearing a blue dress (or shirt) and blue simbolizes serenity, stability, or wisdom.

2. Do File 4 on page 157 (slide 167) paying attention to the phrasal verbs.


Complete the phrasal verbs from File 4 with the correct particle.

Down off(2x) on out

  1. If there’s an emergency, all passengers must get out of the plane as fast as they can.
  2. It was an eight-hour journey so we set off early in the morning.
  3. Jessica was getting really angry with Tom so i told her to calm down.
  4. Hold on to me. It’s ver slippery and you might fall.
  5. The teacher told me off because i hadn’t done my homework.
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